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The IT Crowd

I’d really like to like a show that has A-Team jokes, a poster of The Flying Spaghetti Monster on the wall and a ZX81 and a Commodore PET as set dressing.

Writing a comedy about nerds has to be hard. Nerds are going to find most of the obvious nerd jokes to be … well obvious. Non-nerds are not going to get non-obvious nerd jokes, and I am not convinced they are interested. I would think most people regard watching a TV show about nerds in a basement with the same degree of enthusiasm as they would regard a wildlife documentary about one of your common or garden variety, dull, brown, sparrow like birds.

It is available on line and on TV in the UK. I will give it another couple of chances, but don’t go into the first episode with high hopes.
Episode 1 WMV file

Hello world!

It has reached the point where nearly everybody I knew has a blog. Some of the people I know even have pets with blogs, but that is what happens when you associate with nerds.

Of course 86% of the bloggers I know long ago got bored with updating their blogs, and left them lying around gathering dust.

Here then, is my blog. It too, stands about a 5/6th chance of getting abandoned.