Ning: Wednesday Feb 15 is International Annoy Marc Andreessen Day

From Wired, there is a certain irony in using Ning to annoy one of its founders, but although I really do like annoying people, I don’t think I will be able to make it.

The trigger for the event was Marc telling an anecdote to analysts, that because somebody came to visit once, Ning took their sign off the door. In his opinion, one of the great things about internet businesses is that you never need to meet your customers. It is always good to see the nerd ethos of shunning human contact thrives at all levels of the Internet community.

Update: the “unannounced visit” is on the official Ning Blog. In the same blog, there is a Ning Magic 8 Ball. I am not sure if it is a one off injoke, or a really cool piece of conference schwag.

4 thoughts on “Ning: Wednesday Feb 15 is International Annoy Marc Andreessen Day

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