Dark side of the web

This widely carried Associated Press story, amused me.

It is mostly a standard “predators roam MySpace” story. I have no idea why The Agechose to illustrate it with a picture of a stewardess or some sort of tidily dressed woman on a plane. There does not seem to be any indication in the story that rogue stewardesses (or “female flight attendants” if you prefer) are a significant internet problem, but it would explain airlines insistence on turning off mobile devices I suppose.

Buried among the usual concerns and anecdotes that have probably been repeated about every means of communication ever invented is the gem that:

MySpace profiles have been used to threaten classmates and in at least one case, to mock a school principal.

(my emphasis)

It sounds like time we pulled the plug on this whole interweb thingo. Won’t somebody think of the principals? If distributing the Anarchist’s Cookbook was not bad enough, now somebody is mocking a school principal. The horror.

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