Every Blog Should Have at Least One Post With Erotic in The Title

I love seeing what people type into search engines. You might need to work at a search engine, or subscribe to some sort of search intelligence service to see the true depth and breadth of what your fellow man is searching the internet for, but if you have some risqué terms in your blog you will get a small taste test if you have any sort of analytics running.

Since I put up my Java Programmers Are The Erotic Furries of Programming hierarchy, my referrer logs have been amusing me a great deal. I can’t help but think that people coming from a google search for “erotic” are in for a letdown when they get here. But some make me wonder even more.

The reason I had to write this post was because I just snorted coffee over my laptop after finding somebody searched for “javascript for furries”. Although some other phrases are intriguing, “geek monkeys”, “erotic java” and “erotic nerds”, did not induce an involuntary snort.

I am tempted to start including deliberate weirdy bait in posts, just so I can see if people are out there searching for “hot girls in hot tinfoil hats” or “Is it wrong to want to have sex with my cousin if she is also my sister”, but taking the randomness out of if would probably spoil the fun.

I have to credit anybody who made it here searching for “erotic” with being dedicated to the cause though. According to Google Webmaster Tools, a page on my site is the 156th result Google presents for that search. Having clicked through 15 pages of results to find this, I really hope some of the other nearby results were more suitable. Though I think dedication is a fine trait in a pervert. I have no time for those fair weather perverts who would have stopped after the 10th page of results.

For future reference, this is a Java Programmer:
Java Programmer
(from: http://faq.javaranch.com/view?ActiveStaff)

This is a furry.
(from http://pressedfur.coolfreepages.com/press/sex2k/ [NSFW])

While I will grant you that there are some striking similarities between the two groups, I think given practice you will learn to look for the subtle differences that set them apart and be able to differentiate the two groups.

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