On Open Source: PHP Video Podcast

At OSCON this year Laura and I recorded a video podcast for Informit. This is part of Informit’s podcast series On Open Source.

Maybe I should have waited until I have had time to watch all of it and see if I want to encourage people to watch it, but here is in two parts anyway.
Part 1 and Part 2

We talk about books, Laura travails against frameworks, I talk about security, we talk about how we got into PHP, and I probably compare Java to something unpleasant.

3 thoughts on “On Open Source: PHP Video Podcast

  1. Amazon.com says your 4th Edition of PHP and MySQL Web Development comes out on November 30th. Is that accurate? What’s new in the book? I’m considering buying the 3rd Edition, but I’ll hold off until the end of the month if the date printed on Amazon is correct…

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