A Marvellous, Amazing, Exciting Ink Shopping Experience

At least I expect that is what HP has prepared for me. Hewlett Packard keep giving me this annoying nag popup window urging me to install a “simple, smart utility” that “uses the Internet to help you find, compare and repurchase genuine HP supplies” for my specific printer.

HP Printer Ink Shopping

At first glance that does not sound very exciting, but look it is 4.9MB. 4.9MB! – It must be some sort of interactive, fully immersive 3D shopping experience that would put the old boo.com to shame. To require a 4.9MB download, plus an internet connection, I bet they have figured out a way to let you be hundreds of kilometres away and yet still sniff the ink and get paper cuts from paper specially selected for “your specific printer”. I’ll bet you can virtually bathe in Vivera ink and feel it squish between your toes.

I can hardly wait to try it, but I think I am going to try putting it off for a few days longer, so that anticipation will help me to truly savour the experience. Besides, I am a bit busy today, and figure I really should wait until I have half a day to properly devote to the delicious, invigorating ink repurchasing extravaganza that awaits me.

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