Dale Begg-Smith – 'Spam man' wins gold

Dale Begg-Smith, Canadian-Australian Winter Olympic gold medalist is getting strange media coverage. It seems that he does not particularly want to talk about the Internet business that funds his Lamborghini and his skiing lessons.

Here is a newspaper article linking him to CPM-Media.com and cpmads.com who may not have been operating at the more glamorous end of the internet economy.

Here is a more flattering newspaper article.

Here are some related links so you can make up your own mind

Spywareguide.com blames CPM-Media for the FreeScratchAndWin adware

Official Description: FreeScratchAndWin is an IE spyware Browser Helper Object dressed up as a web ‘scratchcards’ game. (What exactly is available to be won, and whether anybody has ever won it, remains unclear.)

It also highjacks your home- and search-page settings to point to xzoomy.com, and complains if you try to change them back.
Comment: Opens pop-up adverts every few minutes.
The software’s terms of use advises that the software can track users’ web usage.
Downloads and installs arbitrary unsigned code as part of an update feature.

And 2nd-thought.com malware

Official Description: Accepting their “second opinion when you surf” actually gives you a toolbar named “Mysearch”. 2nd-thought will redirect your searches as long as it is installed on your computer.
Comment: Browswer hijacker that will reset your home page and often redirect your searches to porn sites. Sometimes it will prevent you from changing your home page.

http://www.cpm-media.com/ seems to be down.

It does not look like it ever had much content though.

cpmads.com is for sale and has a generic for sale page on it now.

It has had content recently.

In 2004 the home page was a removal form for some sort of mass email list:

More recently (but undated from Google cache) it sold popunder advertising.